Shakti's BlissDance Events

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Greetings Beloveds


Blissdance is a dance and movement form that I have developed as an expression of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. For the past four weeks, we have been exploring Yin and Yang in the dance. The next series is a body exploration of masculine and feminine archetypes. Archetypes are patterns or stories in the human collective that are useful to explore. Here we will be exploring the following archetypes in ourselves:

The Lovers: Venus and Dionisus

If there is enough interest, I will be presenting this cycle every Thursday 7.15pm - 8.45pm at the Forge in Kalk Bay (12 Windsor Avenue). My decision will be based on how many of you decide to commit to the whole course (four evenings @ R250 in total). Let me know by next Tuesday at the latest.

Please note: No classes on Women's Day.