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Monday, 28 July 2008

Blissdance Open Classes

Blissdance is an expression of Tantra, the art of aware sexuality. Through guided but free movement and dance, we explore awareness in the body - following our own authentic impulse, as it rises from within, meeting space, the other, existence. We explore love, intimacy, and all the varying states of being that happen in existence. Tantra is a practice of non-duality - making nothing bad, saying 'yes' to all as that which is. And so we can dance our jealousy as fully as our pure passion, our anger and possessiveness as much as our tenderness and our silence.

The dance is open to all who are on a journey of awareness. No experience needed, and you are welcome to come on your own.

Blissdance is influenced by Biodanza (see in which I am trained. It also draws from many other awareness and body practices that feed into my Tantra work.

Blissdance classes are open at the moment, so newcomers and old timers are welcome to drop in any time. Details as follows:

Blissdance Open Classes
Wednesdays 7.15 - 9pm*
The Forge, 12 Windsor Road Kalk Bay (Just off the Main Road, before Olympia Cafe on Right).
Cost R70 pp.
Bring water to drink

* Please email or call me to confirm that a class is happening on the night you choose to come - I do sometimes skip a class.
** There are often Active Meditations from 6 - 7pm before the dance on Wednesday. Contact me to find out what is happening!
*** Blissdance has become a lovely space of gathering and sharing, and so we often go out for coffee or soup to a local deli/restaurant after the dance. All welcome