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Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Blissdance programme Sept - Dec 2008

Dear Blissdancers,

This is to let you know that Blissdance is on every Wednesday evening 7.15 - 9pm at 12 Windsor Road, Kalk Bay, with the exception of the following evenings:
10 September
17 September
1 October
22 October

Make a note of these dates. Until further notice, all Blissdance classes are open, so you are welcome to come at any time and to bring friends. I sometimes have Active Meditations 6 - 7pm before the dance; there will be one this Wednesday (Osho's Kundalini meditation) and next Wednesday.

I am excited to announce a new branch of Blissdance which I will call WaterBliss. This is Blissdance happening in water. If you enjoy the fluidity dances of Blissdance, you will LOVE WaterBliss. Imagine floating around in arms of love, and frolicking between fellow dolphin bodies as we move and swirl through the water. The first WaterBliss class will take place on Thursday 4 September. I have found a lovely heated indoor pool in Capri (next to Noordhoek) that looks spectacular at night. More details follow soon.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Male-Female Meeting: The dance
Saturday 6 September 10 am - 6pm

Come join me for 6 hours of dance and movement exploration around the theme of masculine-feminine meeting. The aim of this day is to explore thoroughly, in our bodies and experience, the possibilities of masculine and the feminine in ourselves. Before real inner integration can happen, we first get to know our inner masculine and feminine qualities. For the first two hours, we dance the masculine. The masculine in us expresses qualities such as
The next two hours is an exploration of the feminine. The feminine in us expresses qualities such as

When we have thoroughly explored the potentials of our masculine and feminine in our bodies through the dance, we enter the final two hours of dance in which the masculine and feminine in us meet.

The method: Blissdance

Blissdance is an expression of Tantra, the art of aware sexuality. Through guided but free movement and dance, we explore awareness in the body - following our own authentic impulse, as it rises from within, meeting space, the other, existence. We explore love, intimacy, and all the varying states of being that happen in existence. Tantra is a practice of non-duality - making nothing bad, saying 'yes' to all as that which is. And so we can dance our jealousy as fully as our pure passion, our anger and possessiveness as much as our tenderness and our silence.

The dance is open to all who are on a journey of awareness. No experience needed, and you are welcome to come on your own.

Cost: R600 pp. Remember to bring water; dancing makes you thirsty!
Lunch: I will book a table for us all at a local deli.

Please deposit the full amount of your selected course in the following account:
Dr S.Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

Directions to the Forge
On Kalk Bay Main Road towards Fish Hoek turn right up at the Boyes Drive robot, and immediately right again. Park in the parking lot and walk back along the Main Road until you get to Olympia Cafe. Here you turn Right up Windsor Road. The Forge (nr 12) is halfway up the road on the right hand side. Please do not park in Windsor Road.