Shakti's BlissDance Events

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Some tales from inside the dance

After every Blissdance session, I send the dancers a reflection on the dance of that week, and a theme for the next dance. I will start to post these reflections to give readers a sense of what happens in the dance - although of course you need to come experience it so really know!

Dancing E-motion

Our theme was E-motion; emotion as energy in motion. I took the theme from the research of Dr Candice Perth (Molecules of Emotion), which shows that all the molecules of the human body have receptacles for hormones that induce emotional states. We consist of molecules of emotion! Her advice is to let these emotions move - to keep expressing them rather than suppressing them - and to let your body move a lot. The body is in a very real sense an expression of our subconscious. If we let the body explore and express, it helps us to integrate subconscious material. Sp that is of course exactly what we did with this dance. We moved from fun and laughter into adolescent rebelliousness with Meatloaf's Life's a lemon and I want my money back. From here we went deeper into our own feelings, and then into meeting the other in awareness. We joined the spontaneous choir of As it is in Heaven as we let our voices, our bodies and our emotions flow into the dance of fluidity. At the end, you all sat in silence, immersed in the moment, beautiful to behold.

Tomorrow night's dance is a further exploration of Dr Perth's work. She says that our bodies are hard wired for bliss - our brains are filled with thousands of opiate (as in opium) receptors, so that at the slightest opportunity, we can open to bliss. We explore ways to allow that more in the dance.