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Monday, 26 January 2009

What is Blissdance?


You are invited to Blissdance most Wednesdays 7.15 - 9pm at the Forge, 12 Windsor Road Kalk Bay*.

is the balance that happens
When we fully embrace
Both our shadow and our light
And come to rest
In love

Blissdance is an expression of Tantra, the art of integrating the sacred and sexual, and using this as a force for awakening. In a Blissdance session, you explore your inner and outer worlds through movement and stillness, music and silence. The dance is free and not stylized, though guided by me through the progression of a theme. I introduce the dance, show you how I interpret it, and then you find our own response.

Blissdance draws on the wisdom of Biodanza and various other dance,movement and meditation traditions.

One of the first principles of Tantra is presence – being present in the here and now, in your body, in your senses. Another is the connection between our passion, our sexuality and our hearts. Blissdance is a space where you can come rest into the simple beauty of moving in a body, with other bodies, in the dance of life.

Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Blissdance for radical freedom and creativity

Dear Blissdancers,

We are living in unprecedented times of change, when old world systems that no longer work are being fundamentally changed. Change begins in each of us, as we shake loose the ossified old patterns, beliefs and structures of our lives. I would that BlissDance be a space that recognizes and supports this longing in us, for authentic, free expression.

Dance, and especially collective dance, has long been a vehicle for the body and the being to break free into new territories, beyond the existing regime. Dancing in the Streets: A Collective History of Joy describes how collective dances have slowly, systematically been eroded from the lives of most westerners, mostly for political reasons. In the next four or so BlissDance evenings, I will be drawing on the dance and music of cultures that still have an alive, vibrant collective dance culture.

This week, tomorrow night, we will be dancing through the moods of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cultures. There is a boundless passion in these culture that reminds me of the words of Hakim Bey: "There is no becoming, no revolution, no struggle, no path; already you're the monarch of your own skin--your inviolable freedom waits to be completed only by the love of other monarchs: a politics of dream, urgent as the blueness of sky"

"The last possible deed is that which defines perception itself, an invisible golden cord that connects us: illegal dancing in the courthouse corridors. If I were to kiss you here they'd call it an act of terrorism--so let's take our pistols to bed & wake up the city at midnight like drunken bandits celebrating with a fusillade, the message of the taste of chaos."

So, beloveds, let's celebrate being the monarchs of our own skin tomorrow night; let's dance illegally in the courtyard corridors and kiss here, in this moment of the dance without boundaries.

Blissdance starts Wednesdays 7.15pm at The Forge. Book yourself a meal at Olympia Cafe if you want to join us for dinner afterwards!

Wednesday, 14 January 2009

Blissdance 2009

Hello beloveds,

Blissdance starts again, this Wednesday 7 January 7.15 - 9pm at the Forge, 12 Windsor Road Kalk Bay*.
Cost: R70 pp for January; R80pp from February
Bring a bottle of water - dancing makes thirsty!
We often go to Olympia Cafe after the dance; book your meal there before the dance as their kitchen closes for orders at 9pm.

To get to the Forge, go down Kalk Bay main road towards Fish Hoek. Turn right at the Boyes Drive robots, and immediately right again into the parking lot behind Olympia Cafe. Park and walk back to Windsor Road, which is a one way down just before the robots. Nr 12 is on the right in the middle of the street.

Please call me on 0833010399 or email me to check if there is a dance if you are coming for the first time - I occasionally skip a week of dancing when I am presenting elsewhere in the country


"You have been placed on this earth to to celebrate the dance of creation. In whatever moment you can remember to celebrate, you are in that moment connected to your highest destiny. You have become intimate with the gods... Dance, sing, rejoice. You are one with the flowers, trees, animals, birds, and fishes. You are the beloved of the whole creation" - Sarita and Geho, Tantric Love