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Wednesday, 13 March 2013

BlissDance training December 2013

Blissdance Intensive
and Facilitators Training
19 December 2013 - 1 January 2014
Bodhi Khaya, Stanford, South Africa
Imagine ten days of immersion in the dance of presence and intimacy, surrounded by beautiful nature and the company of kindred souls. Imagine giving yourself fully to the dance, sharing richly and deeply with other dancers, and between dances - dropping into the stillness of the moment with a cup of tea on the porch, enjoying delicious meals, or floating naked between the lilies. Ten days of bliss awaits you. Come dance, beloveds!
Facilitators training
This event will give you an insider’s experience of how I create BlissDance events and give you the basic skills to facilitate BlissDance processes. The facilitators training will introduce you to the dynamics that makes the dance so blissful, and also to the unique therapeutic modalities that are built into it. Dances will be filmed and participants will be given feedback on their own dances.
Some themes we will cover are:
Balancing and integrating the flow between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through the dance
Dropping from the mind into the body
Working through associations held in movement in touch
Breathing into movement
Working with weight and suspension
Exploring boundaries and intimacy, space/closeness
Immersing totally in experience while maintaining a witness
Releasing dysfunctional body armoring
Deepening access to feeling/emotions
Dancing shadow states
Practically, the facilitators training aspect of the intensive will give you a good introduction to
How to choose music for the dance
How to create a playlist
Facilitating key BlissDance dances
Guiding dances that can be done on their own for therapeutic purposes
About BlissDance
is the balance that happens
When we fully embrace
Both our shadow and our light
And come to rest
In love
When we drop deep into the center of presence, every cell of our bodies gets infused with the eros of life. We smell the ambrosia of being. When we open to the full aliveness of our bodies, stillness arises of itself.
Blissdance is an exploration of intimate presence with ourselves and with others, in movement and in stillness, music and silence. We find the authentic expression that comes from within. From the inside out, we let life dance us. We follow the breath. We follow the heartbeat of the earth pulsing through us. We rest in the amniotic fluid of being. We follow the spark of our bliss.
The dance space cultivates non-dual presence in the movement of our daily lives. It is an active meditation space. We learn to be present in anger as much as peace, jealousy and rage as much as tender love and passionate creativity. We dance our territory, and we dance into melting.
Blissdance has been designed with therapeutic intent as well. The dance wordlessly supports the unraveling and dismantling of patterns that keep us from being deeply present in our bodies. Some examples are:
Body armoring: We hold our bodies rigid in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling too much - or feeling what we have been suppressing. Sometimes what we resist feeling is intimacy - sometimes it is sadness, fear or anger. All these states are welcome in the dance.
Associations: Over a lifetime of suppressing what we feel, we have started to build up meaning through associations. When someone touches you, what does it mean to you? When you enjoy the touch, what fears come up? Do they relate to past experiences or future projections? In BlissDance, these subconscious processes will become conscious for you. In awareness lies the liberation.
Habits of movement: One of the keys of BlissDance is that the dance moves you out of your habits and stuck ways. We act out some of the dramas of everyday life - like having a couple's fight - but do that in a conscious way, as a celebration of the body, and as an act of freedom. In doing that, something gives way, more space gets created, and we can celebrate our freedom more. Sometimes I use ancient shamanic techniques to help shake up the nervous system so that you can slip into this moment with no mind. Sometimes we dance wild and crazy with little structure and limitation, to let that energy be expressed and accessed in the body. Eventually, as Rumi says:
something opens up
I taste only sacredness
The moment softens. We get to feel everything intimately. We welcome what is, no longer resist, and in that we can meet the beloved, in the dance, in this moment. In the first place, that beloved is my very own being. Then I can meet him/her in the other, the group, my life, existence.
All it takes is a little willingness. The music, the facilitation and the group will carry you along into what you really want: A deep opening into this present precious moment.
Blissdance draws on the wisdom of Biodanza and various other dance, movement and meditation traditions.
Who is the event for?
 BlissDance is for those who are yearning for presence, freedom and truth. It is for the brave spiritual warriors who are not scared to dance their ridiculousness and to let their vulnerability be felt in the dance as well. You are welcome to come just for the dance. For those who wish to use BlissDance in their dance or play with others, this training will give you a solid foundation to start using the magic of BlissDance for that purpose. 

The venue: Bodhi Khaya 

Bodhi Khaya ( outside Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa, must be one of the most exquisite retreat centers in the world. Nestled amongst mountains, covered in indigenous fynbos and close to the ocean, Bodhi Khaya is a lush nature haven for those who want to go deep within, and rest in the bliss of nature. The retreat center has a beautiful wooden dance hall and accommodation is provided in a variety of shapes and sizes, all in Cape Dutch architecture. 


 Shakti Malan

Shakti is a teacher of the mysteries of Tantra. Shakti is based in Cape Town, South Africa but teaches and practices across the world. Her central approach is to enter the totality of experience as a gateway to awakening. For more on her work, see and
Shakti's purpose as dakini is to facilitate your awakening to the essence of who you really are, while remaining fully functional in your body. Many traditions of enlightenment view the body as that which is to be transcended. Tantra sees the body as a vehicle for awakening. The process of dropping through veils of illusion can be very impactful on our nervous system, and every aspect of our physical and energetic bodies. Because Shakti values the body as the vehicle through which you can share your awakening with the world, she aims to ensure that your energetic and physical bodies are fully prepared for the process of waking up. This requires totality of the seeker - the willingness to have every aspect of your energetic and physical reality be purified by the power of truth. As this happens, conversely, the body becomes capable of sensing and experiencing on increasingly subtle and refined levels. Thus, the physical vessel of the body becomes a suitable instrument to transmit the essence of the awakened state.

Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives. She spent many years translating the realities of vulnerable communities to decision makers in government, development organizations and corporates in the fields of poverty management, economic development and environmental management.

Supporting facilitator: Willem Smuts

Willem is a highly experienced and much loved and highly experienced facilitator in the tradition of Biodanza (see, a dance form that has significantly influenced the development of BlissDance. Willem brings a fiery passion, creativity and vitality to the dance which deeply inspires dancers. Willem is also an extraordinary healer.

Cost and bookings
 Cost including meals and excluding accommodation: Early bird rate (full payment by 20 September): R13 000 for the 12 days. After 20 September R15 000. For currency, conversion, click here
Bookings and accommodation options with Ahrian: